What is the LSL Registry?

The LSL Registry is a digital platform for certification-related activities. The LSL Registry allows professionals and Academy staff to communicate, store, and submit certification-related documents.

The LSL Registry is not a public registry or list of professionals. The LSL Registry does not replace the Locate a LSLS Directory, the Academy’s public-facing database. The Locate a LSLS Directory remains the only online directory that anyone can search for a certified LSL Specialist (LSLS Cert. AVT® or LSLS Cert. AVEd®).

How is the LSL Registry helpful to you and to the Academy?

The LSL Registry allows central data management of all certification activities, including renewal. The Academy can more effectively support professionals seeking certification by tracking their progress, and all certified LSL Specialists when the renewal and continuing education documents are submitted digitally. The Academy can also more effectively communicate with certified LSL Specialists regarding certification activities.

Who may participate in the Registry?

1) Professionals who are currently in the process of pursuing LSLS certification
2) Professionals who are interested in starting the process of LSLS certification
3) Certified LSL Specialists (LSLS Cert. AVT and LSLS Cert. AVEd) who are due for certification renewal

Questions regarding routes to certification should be directed to the Academy staff at academy@agbell.org (English) or academia@agbell.org (Spanish).

LSL Registry Enrollment

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions for LSL Registry Enrollment

The LSL Registry allows all professionals seeking certification to upload their certification materials and track their progress in real time. The uploading of your documents over time will ease the paperwork burden on you. The LSL Registry will be a place to upload and track certification documents over the three-to-five-year certification period. Applying for the LSL Registry allows the Academy to quickly review education background and mentor requirements so that any issues or concerns can be addressed at the beginning of the certification process.

Step 1.  Apply to the LSL Registry

All professionals who are just beginning the process towards certification must first apply to the LSL Registry before engaging in any certification-related activities. If you have already begun the process towards certification but have not enrolled in the Registry, please contact the Academy at academy@agbell.org as soon as possible.

Once approved for enrollment in the Registry, a professional is eligible to take the certification exam. In other words, a professional must be enrolled in order to take the exam and can take the exam at any time during their certification process.

To apply:

A. Create a Profile in the Registry

B. Complete the enrollment application and upload required documents.

For professionals seeking certification, there is required documentation that professionals must share in order to successfully enroll in the LSL Registry. It will be important to have these documents ready in PDF format before you begin the enrollment process:

  • Official transcript (in English or Spanish) of professional degree in audiology, speech-language pathology or education of children who are deaf or hard of hearing 
  • International applicants must include an official academic evaluation from an accredited agency 
  • State or Provincial license or other document that allows you to legally practice in your geographic location in the field of Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology, Education of Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or equivalent
  • Professional credential information (e.g. Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology from ASHA or equivalent; For applicants practicing in a country where licensing is unavailable or unnecessary to practice, the applicant is required to submit a letter from their university indicating that their degree meets the Academy’s requirements.)


Further details about these requirements are found in the Certification Handbook.

In addition, you will be required to identify your selected Certified LSLS mentor. Professionals who enroll in the Registry should plan to begin working with their mentor right away.

C. Submit Enrollment Fee

The cost of certification is divided into three separate fees due during the three-to-five year certification process:

  1. LSL Registry Enrollment Fee (due immediately following submission of enrollment application)
  2. LSLS Certification Examination Fee (due immediately following submission of request to take examination form)
  3. Award of Certification Fee (due once all requirements for certification have been met)


Full fee information can be found here.

Your documentation will be reviewed by the Academy within two weeks of completion. Once your enrollment has been approved by the Academy, you will be able to begin uploading certification application materials as you complete them.

Seeking Certification Registry Link

Step 2. Document Your Certification Process As You Go

The LSL Registry will be a place to upload and track certification documents over the three-to-five-year certification period. All required documents can be found in the Certification Handbook and online on the Become a LSL Specialist overview page.

Professionals seeking certification will be able to take the certification exam at any time within the three-to-five-year period without waiting for all documents to be completed, submitted, and approved. When ready, a professional can send a request to take the examination within the LSL Registry.

Professionals who enroll in the Registry should plan to begin working with their mentor right away. Once you start the certification process, that professional has up to 6 months to complete the first F-1 form.

Seeking Certification Registry Link

Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions for Renewing Certification

Professionals who have already achieved the LSLS Cert. AVT or LSLS Cert. AVEd certification have already met initial certification requirements. For this reason, certified professionals do not need to enroll in the Registry. Instead, these professionals are asked to complete and update information in the Registry at the time of certification renewal. All certified LSL Specialists must renew certification through the LSL Registry.

Step 1:

Create a Professional Profile in the Registry.

Step 2:

Complete Certification Renewal Form.

Step 3 (skip this step if your CEU documentation is not due at this time):

Submit 15 hours of Academy-approved LSLS CEUs documentation biennially (every other year).

Step 4:

Pay the renewal fee in response to an email invoice from PayPal.

Please see the Certification Renewal section of this website for full details about renewal requirements and timelines.

Certification Renewal Registry Link