AG Bell Academy Blog

Welcome to our new AG Bell Academy Blog, an online community for Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) Specialists. This blog serves as a resource for audiologists, speech-language pathologists, educators, and more.

Since 2005, the AG Bell Academy has worked to increase the number of auditory-verbal practitioners so that children who are deaf or hard of hearing will have access to qualified professionals in their immediate geographical area.

Each week our blog provides valuable insight and research so that specialists can continue to raise awareness and better serve their local communities.

Global Community

Writers for our blog live across the world. While this puts us in a unique position to examine our cultural differences, it’s also presents an opportunity to recognize and appreciate our similarities. As our readers follow along, they will notice a theme of likenesses woven throughout our collective experiences.

Being a part of a global community is a powerful thing. As we continue to cross-culturally share information, we will be able to advocate for the hard of hearing and deaf communities in a more impactful way.

Our Subscribers

While our blog is designed to be a resource for certified professionals, it also serves to encourage individuals to become LSL Specialists. We hope the information on our blog will inspire more people to get involved with our communities. 

We warmly welcome professionals and students alike to engage with us through the AG Bell Academy Blog.

Contact Us

If you are an LSL Specialist who has an interesting topic to discuss, please email We welcome different perspectives from our readers and writers.