In order to become a certified LSL Specialist, professionals seeking certification must demonstrate their eligibility and then pass a written examination. To be eligible to take the LSL Specialist examination, professionals seeking certification must demonstrate satisfactory completion of the Certification Route for their intended designation, within three to five years after completion of their academic degree.

Watch the Application Overview webinar – A free online tutorial with helpful information for anyone beginning the LSL Specialist application process. This course has been pre-approved for .5 LSL Specialist CEUs.

Upcoming Application Deadlines

August 24, 2018: Exam Dates between October 2018 and December 2018 Find the complete schedule here.

Steps to Certification

Follow the steps to certification to ensure success on your journey to become a LSL Specialist.

Core Competencies

The Core Competencies encompass the body of knowledge LSL professionals must have in order to pass the test and earn the LSL Specialist Certification.

Principles of LSL Specialists

Both types of LSL Specialist Certifications have their own set of principles professionals must follow.

Ethics Policy and Procedures

LSL professionals must abide to the AG Bell Academy’s ethics policy and procedures.

Appeals Procedure

Applicants who need to retake the LSL Specialist exam must go through the appeals procedure.

Renew Your Certification

Continuing education is the best practice for certified professionals to demonstrate to employers and families with whom they work that they have maintained their knowledge of listening and spoken language with the most relevant, up-to-date educational activities available.

LSL Specialist certified professionals are responsible for documenting their continuing education activities and for renewing their certification status every two years.

To maintain the LSL Specialist credential, at least 15 approved continuing education units (CEUs) must be documented within the two-year certification renewal period.

There are two main ways for a LSL Specialist to earn AG Bell Academy-approved CEUs:

  • Participation in programs that have been pre-approved by the AG Bell Academy [Link to CEU offerings]
  • Completion of individual, AG Bell Academy-approved activities that contribute to the specialist’s ongoing professional development. Click here for the application for LSL Specialist CE Credit for an Individual Educational Activity.

LSL Specialist Certification Renewal Package

Acceptable educational activities to acquire CEUs may include the following:

Continuing Education Activity Option Minimum Hours Required Maximum Hours Allowed
Attending Academy-approved educational programs5 CEUs per renewal period 15 CEUs per renewal period
Development and/or presentation of an Academy-approved program N/A 5 CEUs per renewal period
Publishing a peer-reviewed article N/A5 CEUs per renewal period
Structured observation of certified LSL professionals (must be accompanied by a copy of the appropriate application attachment for each of the 10 hours of observation) N/A 2 CEUs per renewal period
Service on a board of certified LSL Specialist-related organization N/A 2 CEUs per renewal period
Mentoring a LSL Specialist applicant (must be accompanied by Mentor Evaluation Form from the LSL Specialist applications) N/A 5 CEUs per renewal period