Preparing for the LSLS Certification Exam

The following resources will help those seeking certification prepare for the high-stakes certification exam.

  1. Nine Domains of LSLS Knowledge: The certification exam covers all nine Domains of Knowledge for Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Certification. These content areas comprise the knowledge, skills, and abilities mastered by the professional throughout the application process.
  2. The LSL Specialist Exam Blueprint: This document contains the knowledge and skills statements included in the nine Domains of Knowledge. While the exam does not include content from every knowledge and skills statement, the Blueprint reflects the comprehensive knowledge and skills needed by a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (Cert. AVT and Cert. AVEd) as confirmed through a practice analysis survey of certified LSL Specialists. Use the Terms List as a companion resource to the Exam Blueprint.
  3. Suggested References for LSLS Certification Examination Preparation: The Academy recognizes that there is an extensive body of excellent resources now available to LSL Specialists. The suggested references list includes general overview sources for professionals who are preparing to take the examination. This list may be updated as new editions or comparative sources become available.
    Note: The listing of these references is intended for use as study aids only. The Academy does not intend for this list to be exhaustive or to imply endorsement of these specific references, nor are all test items taken from these sources.
  4. Commit to the Mentoring Process: Make the most of working with your certified LSLS mentor or mentors. Receive feedback via the Attachment F-1 and discussion with mentor(s) for each of your 20 required mentored sessions. Apply that feedback by being intentional about developing your LSL practice knowledge and skills across your certification period.
  5. Take the AG Bell Academy Practice Examination: The practice exam is designed around the concepts of the LSLS certification exam. The practice exam provides candidates for LSLS certification the opportunity to experience the LSLS examination multiple-choice question format and types of questions within the Nine Domains of Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge.
    The cost to take the practice exam is $50 USD. This fee enables you to take the practice exam up to 3 times. Once you pass the exam, the session is concluded.
    To Take the Exam:
    First, create an account in Webassessor following the link below. Second, enter payment information using a valid credit card.

    Practice Examination

    Taking the LSLS practice exam will not provide the user with an indication of their overall preparedness for the real LSLS examination, nor does it guarantee better performance on the LSLS examination for those who take it.