For CEU Providers

Exciting News! LSLS CEU Providers can now submit CEU applications through the LSL Registry.

The new CEU Provider application for LSLS CEU approval of courses is nearly identical to the “old” paper form.

Instructions for completing the application:

  1. Log-in using your LSL Registry user and password information. If you are new to the Registry, sign up to create an account.
  2. Complete a Profile to share necessary information about your organization. If you have already completed your organizational profile, but need to make edits, please make and save those edits.
  3. Click on the blue line, “CEU Provider Application Homepage.”
  4. Click on “open” next to, “ContEd Provider Payment” and complete payment information. “Save Draft,” then “Mark Complete,” and then “Close.” You will then be returned to the homepage.
  5. On the Homepage, Click on “open” next to “Course Registration.” Select “+ New Item” to add a course. If you are returning to complete an application that has already been started, then click on that application title.
  6. Complete the “Course Registration” application. Before you leave the Course Registration page, be sure to “Save Draft,” then “Mark Complete,” and then “Close.” You will be returned to the Homepage.
  7. On the Homepage, select the “Submit” button. Following submission of the course, you will receive an email at the email address provided in your Profile from the AG Bell Academy PayPal account with an invoice to pay the appropriate CEU fee.


CEU Providers LSL Registry Link

What happens next?

  1. Once you pay the appropriate CEU fee, your application will be reviewed. Applications are reviewed by the Academy in the order they are received. A course application that is submitted less than 6 full weeks prior to the course start date is considered a late application. You may still submit that application, but should also contact the Academy at to let staff know that you have just submitted a late application. If your application is late, a late application fee of $100 will be assessed by the Academy at a later date. Please put “Late CEU Application” in the subject line of your notification email to the Academy.
  2. In most cases, CEU applications that contain learning objectives that target one or more of the Nine Domains of Knowledge for Listening Spoken Language Specialist Certification will be approved. Applicants should expect to receive approval within four weeks of application submission. That approval will be sent to the email listed in your Profile and will contain an approval code and other information related to hosting your event.

Following your course:

  • Provide the list of course attendees by completing the Continuing Education Post Course Report, which you can download here: Continuing Education Report form. The course report form should be uploaded in the CEU Provider portal in the course reporting section of the Registry.
  • Each individual should be provided with a certificate or other formal documentation that states how many LSLS CEUs have been awarded to them. That document should, minimally, contain the course title, course date, total number of CEU hours earned and the program approval code.

Benefits of Offering Pre-Approved LSL Specialist CEUs

  • Increased demand for courses, sessions and conferences
  • Use of AG Bell Academy logo for use in CEU Provider’s promotional materials
  • Complementary posting of your approved events on the AG Bell Academy’s list of Continuing Education Programs Approved for LSL Specialist CE Credit
  • Ability to advertise guaranteed AG Bell Academy CEU credit to potential attendees (individual CEU Verification Forms will be provided for distribution to attendees)

Note: Applications that are submitted less than 6 weeks prior to the start date of the event will be charged an additional $100. Applications that are received less than two weeks before the start of the event will be charged a $200 late fee.