The AG Bell Global Matters Committee

The AG Bell Global Matters Committee was established by the AG Bell Academy in 2017 with the main purpose of supporting professionals globally who are interested in enhancing their listening and spoken language (LSL) knowledge and practice through certification as a LSLS Cert. AVT or LSLS Cert. AVEd.

To give assistance to the professional community supporting children who are deaf and hard of hearing across the world, the Global Matters Committee works to:

  • Identify barriers preventing certification as a LSL Specialist and make recommendations to the AG Bell Academy on how to overcome or minimize them.
  • Affect change by bringing resolutions regarding global certification issues to the full Academy Board for review, discussion, vote and action.
  • Support the AG Bell Academy Board in the development of culturally and linguistically diverse publications and position statements related to LSL practice and LSL Specialist certification.
  • Facilitate AG Bell Academy resources that are linguistically diverse, culturally sensitive and accessible to the global community.
  • Spread awareness of LSL certification through article publications as well as presentations at conferences and events worldwide.

The committee is dedicated to being responsive and accountable to children and their families, the (re) habilitation team and the broader team of professionals within the LSL community. Through partnership, collaboration, inclusiveness and professional support, the committee aims to support the AG Bell Academy on sharing the knowledge and expertise of LSL certification with practitioners around the world.

Contact Us

Contact the AG Bell Academy with questions related to certification at Current languages supported by global committee members are Afrikaans, Danish, English, French, Hindi, Marathi, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Global Matters Survey Results

In 2019, the Global Matters Committee began gathering data on the limitations and needs of global professionals to increasing working knowledge of LSL. The results to date will assist the committee in creating resources, in multiple languages, to support the global growth of LSL professionals.